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Recommended E-mail Marketing Services

When starting out, setting up your e-mail marketing system can be a whole arm of your business on it’s own, but it’s vastly more important that you start building your list and sending out communications than which service you use.

The debates of which is best will go on forever, and while I could use this space to tell you why you should use the one I use, what’s more in your interest is to just start, while if you need guests posts for your business there are services which help with this at


But, but…

You’re always capable of exporting your list of e-mail addresses and taking them to another service.  Meticulously weighing the pros and cons of which service to use is not necessary until you’ve used a service for long enough [not long] to know what you like and don’t like about it.

I was once told certain services outlaw selling on their platform, this is nonsense. You can put a link, that goes to a sales page or a checkout in any e-mail.

The emphasis here, while IT Arsenal favors Mailchimp, is to get started with any e-mail marketing platform early.

So while some platforms may look more modern or have an extra A/B testing functionality, or some other gadget – it’s clearly more important that you get familiar with the general process of sending e-mails to a list, through a service than anything else.

Instead of looking up reviews, and trying to figure out which service to use, try the suggestion below.

IT Arsenal recommends signing up for 3 services, spending 15 minutes speeding through the process of adding yourself to a list manually and sending yourself an e-mail that includes bold text and 1 picture. Choose whichever service you feel most comfortable with using after your tests.

Recommended E-mail Marketing Services