Integrate & Set Up Your Selling System with Your Website and More

Making your business systems talk to each other can be a maze of a decisions, menus, platforms, and concepts. Most commonly, your website, email marketing, and sales/payment system need to play nice, but depending on your tools, this can seem anywhere from confusing to impossible.

integratesystemsHere’s the fix

The Integrate and Setup service takes into consideration your existing and desired platforms and does the work to integrate them together in the way you want them so your sales process works with your other processes or vice versa. If there are better tools for the job, or you need suggestions they’ll be recommended for setup. You end up with a more automated, efficient system workflow guaranteed to save you time and opportunity cost.

This service works with any and all current and new tools, we’re experts at configuring and setting up all kinds of web services and software.

Save time avoiding reading technical instructions, researching what plugins and apps are needed, and what tools integrate with others. List what you currently use, what you’re trying to do, and we can take it from there with you.

Automate manual processes in multiple areas, like adding your buyers to an e-mail list during checkout.

Resolve halts in business growth trying to figure out how to deliver a digital product in the best way.

Common Scenarios

  • Form submission with a payment and follow up email or addition to an email list
  • Adding people to your mailing list when they buy from an existing setup
  • Configuring and adding products or services to an eCommerce platform
  • Setting up buy buttons or shopping cart solutions on a website
  • Integrating a payment platform like Stripe or Paypal with a plugin like WooCommerce or course software like Teachable
  • Automating a welcome e-mail after a purchase
  • Providing a guide or downloadable easily and securely
  • Sick of fighting different platforms and services to work the way you just want them to?
  • Streamline and automate current manual, disjointed or non existent processes to save time and money
  • I just bought product X and really want to connect it to my website.

Fears? Objections?

Join the hundreds of other businesses that have used IT Arsenal to listen to their real concerns and reliably respond with service that makes running their business easier. Need that extra guarantee feeling? Not a problem, we have a no nonsense refund policy.


Use the form below to detail what your current struggle is in setting up or integrating your website and sales systems. You’ll receive more information on next actions, a meeting scheduler for live support, and if applicable, immediate suggestions for the best workflow for your business that will be implemented in the next few days.

You can expect reliable responsive service that is always useful

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