Automate Your Appointments & Payment

automate appointments and payment system

Connect your scheduling and payment systems with your website for a workflow that saves time and pays you while you sleep. Don’t have a current workflow? No problem.



You have something to offer the world, and it’s good, there’s no reason to send 5 emails back and forth before you can get paid for it!

  • My service requires a consultation you say?
  • I have detailed questions to ask, and need to look at my calendar [or don’t have one!] you say!
  • I really need to meet the person to see if we’re a good fit you say?

Smart onboarding forms and integrated scheduling connected with a payment system can automate that, take this page and service as an example : )

  • I’d like my audience to receive a special follow up email, and pay later after we’ve talked you say? Not a problem.
  • I don’t use a calendar, but do want to deliver services or my digital product after a meeting you say? Not a problem.noun_atm-machine_520903

This service includes set up with any and all current and new web tools, we’re experts at configuring and setting up all kinds of web services and software.

The Automate Your Appointments & Payment service will streamline your scheduling, onboarding, and checkout process so you can give more of the world what you have, and spend less time figuring out how while eliminating the manual steps to getting paid for what you do.

You’ll go from the often disjointed “e-mail, email, email, then talk, then estimate, then invoice, then schedule work, then get paid” routine to an automated, smooth workflow that your audience can take part in even while you sleep!


The internet is leverage, and automating your process for meetings and receiving payments is a method thousands of business owners use to scale, save time, and line up work with less grind and email. Use this service to increase your leverage, fix up a clunky current process, or put a brand new one in place.


Join the hundreds of other businesses that have used IT Arsenal to listen to their real concerns and reliably respond with service that makes running their business easier. Need that extra guarantee feeling? Not a problem, we have a no nonsense refund policy.


Use the form below to detail what your current process is, it’s okay if you don’t have one. You’ll receive more information on next actions, a meeting scheduler for a live support meeting, and if applicable, immediate suggestions for the best workflow for your business that will be implemented in our work.

You can expect reliable responsive service that is always useful.

Step 1 – Get Started. No Commitments.

Fill out the form below, you’ll receive a response within 24 hours with approval, follow up and payment option.

  • How do you currently setup an appointment and if applicable charge for it? Do you have an onboarding process?
  • List your current scheduling and payment processing systems. Include access details if applicable for work.

    If you don't have any yet, which ones do you like? It's okay not to have a clue!
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