WordPress Maintenance Disaster Recovery


“Accidental or malicious, there are times when WordPress is beyond simple repair. The Disaster Recovery service will hunt through your host, your files, and your WordPress database to recover and restore. $99 if you’re a monthly maintenance member, $299 if you’re not. Free if your site is not recovered.


When your site crashes, you need speed of service, resourcefulness, and honesty.


Sometimes everything can be recovered, a backup can be used, or elements need to be pieced together over time in a triage situation to make an entirely new but same website, this service handles all of that.

The process is simple, and you pay nothing if your site isn’t recovered. Enter the information for your WordPress website, and your website host below, and we’ll start triage within 3 hours.


Get Disaster Recovery

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  • Please provide usernames, websites, and any other information needed to access websites and services to resolve your issue. Most commonly, this means access information for Wordpress, and your web host.
  • The more specific the better.
  • Max. file size: 200 MB.

  • You will enter your payment information on the next screen.