E-mail Marketing System – Full Setup


e-mail marketing full setup
If the labor of figuring out an e-mail marketing platform like AWeber or Mailchimp, creating mailing lists, and designing opt-in forms sounds like a major hurdle, then this service is for you.

The E-mail Marketing Full Setup service puts all the pieces in place so you have nothing to do but write the content for your first e-mail.

How it Works

  1. Choose an e-mail marketing platform [we’ll help]
  2. Provide access [to your site and platform]
  3. Watch as your list gets created, your opt in forms show up on your website, and your first e-mail reaches your audience

 *Design is INCLUDED!

Go from:

  • No e-mail marketing
  • No list
  • Limited sales and reach potential


  • A list of people you can sell to
  • Opt-in form designed and integrated with your site
  • Your e-mail delivered to new subscribers
  • Massively improved sales and reach potential!


If you’ve been building your business online without a mailing list, it’s time to get one. E-mail lists are among the most valuable assets of an online business, with direct access to your audience’s inbox you gain an advantage for educating and selling that social media and your website alone don’t come close to.

IT Arsenal [a real person, not a robot] will take your concerns and preferences and turn them into real assets on your site and in your business.

Get Started

Use the form below to choose your preferences and get the process started. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an e-mail marketing account, or have one that you’re confused about, we’ll work with what you have, make sense of it, and set you on the path to building your list, integrating your opt-in forms, and getting your message out to those who are interested.

Not Sure?

If you aren’t happy for any reason, service is free. You’re protected by IT Arsenal’s beating heart guarantee.


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