The E-Mail Marketing Jump Start


email marketing jump start and fix session

Have you ever dreaded logging into your e-mail marketing platform to setup a new list or make a new opt-in form for your website? Yeah, it’s not that easy.

Do you want to feel at home with your e-mail marketing tool and get over the confusion after you login? Is your e-mail list dead or non existent when it could, and should be a primary source of traffic, interest, and sales?

The menus, wording, the settings and options for delivering e-mail marketing campaigns can be infuriating!

IT Arsenal has heard enough of the pain voiced from hundreds of people, and decided to help. This Jump Start will take away the confusion and speed boost you into functionality, in 1 hour, guaranteed or your money back.

Erase the fear and frustration of using e-mail marketing, an essential piece of any successful online business.

“In 60 minutes, you’ll go from clueless to proficient. You’ll move from, “yeah I have to figure it out new each time I login” to knowing exactly where to go so you can effectively setup a list, create an opt-in form, and send an e-mail”

Can you invest 60 minutes to make the pain of e-mail marketing go away?

E-mail marketing companies use different lingo for their features, different interfaces for their functions, and often times assume you have former knowledge of what you’re doing. This Jump Start, does not. It’s in plain English, from a real person, and comes with follow up support for your questions.

We’ll step through the pages of your e-mail marketing platform with screen sharing software and deconstruct what you’re looking at so it becomes as natural as your car’s dashboard. [another complex tool you’ve mastered] You’ll gain the contextual knowledge, the formative brain “stuff” to adapt even when future changes happen!

It’s time to start actually building your list and reaching your audience with confidence instead of just knowing you should.

What’s Included

  • Customized setup session to your business and knowledge level
  • Down to earth language
  • Best practice suggestions
  • Support for questions from a live person
  • Sending a successful e-mail marketing campaign [e-mail]

  • Must include http:// or https://

*You’ll receive an e-mail to schedule your session and some useful information after checkout.