Hey I have an Apple question I’m hoping you might be able to help me with. I have an Ipod touch and have always been able to access Wi-fi and it usually picks up my networks automatically. Yesterday when I tried to use it for Wi-fi it wasn’t picking up the wireless network in my house and then when I go to Settings, where it has the “Wi-Fi” tab it is grayed out and says “No Wi-Fi” and you can’t even click it to find a network. I have never seen this happen before. Any ideas?


This usually happens when the hardware stops working, as in a physical component inside broke, or isn’t being recognized by the software any longer.

I’m familiar that many users don’t sync their devices with a computer often, but plugging the iTouch into a computer, and updating it’s software the latest version usually fixes this, IF it’s not a broken component. The alternative likely situation is that the wireless transponder or “Wi-Fi” card has broken down and it’s time to buy a new device, Apple very rarely fixes or replaces specific pieces in a device because of how compact the devices are, and well, they want you to upgrade.