Observation: There’s just no easy way to sell products AND easily integrate with the various add-on services right now.

It’s possible and there are a few systems that attempt an all in one package, but I can see how many so many entrepreneurs are frustrated! The cost, or confusion of figuring out if a solution you actually find fits your needs can be overwhelming in it of itself.

You want to use the payment gateway you like, with automatic integration of a newsletters service and an affiliate system without hours and hours of research, and thousands of dollars of programmer level integration that creates a custom situation. I can get that.

There are too many moving parts for an out of the box, beginner (web savvy, doesn’t know what php is, or operate FTP easily) solution that keeps people happy in my experience though.

What to Do?

IT Arsenal is out to make the finding and setup of a solution as easy and painless as possible with a combination of a decision tree like questions leading to the best likely product available with coaching and setup included. Remove the overwhelm, assist in the implementation.

If this interests you, let me know in the comments!

Thanks “Joey!” for the inspiration.