UPDATE: Congratulations to Aaron and Victor, winners of the Old Powerbook Giveaway! Updates on how to buy a Mac cheap coming soon!

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As business shifts around here at IT Arsenal discovering how I can serve you (web entrepreneurs) best, one thing is for certain, I’ll always be about giving and service. Giving is what IT Arsenal runs on! Today I want to give away TWO laptops that have done me great service over the last few years.

They are by no means new, but are still very much useful. They still have a lot of kick and I’m sure a couple people out there could really use these. That’s my hope at least!

The machines are strictly “as is” Apple Powerbooks, but they’re guaranteed to turn on, surf the web and come preloaded with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Anyone can enter the giveaway. Start your first online business, get in good graces and gift it to a family member or watch DVD’s on it. It’s up to you. See pictures, how to snag one and some usage ideas for these older machines below!

Computer Specs

Both computers are in good to great physical condition. The batteries still hold about an hour charge.

15 Inch Powerbook

  • 1.5GHz G4 Processor
  • 1.5GB RAM
  • 150GB HD
  • Bluetooth/Wireless
  • CD/DVD Burner
  • Clean Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Install
  • Closing latch does not work

12 Inch Powerbook

  • 1.33GHz G4 Processor
  • 1.25GB RAM
  • 60GB HD
  • Bluetooth/Wireless
  • CD/DVD Burner
  • Clean Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Install
  • One pixel wide line down screen
  • Compact 4.6 pounds weight

BONUS: Includes car and airplane charger.

See Apple’s specs here. Denote model by Ghz speed.

Giveaway Details

Simply enter to win.

  • Giveaway ends  November 10th, 11:59pm, 2010
  • Free shipping unless you’re outside the USA (sorry my international friends, you’ll need to help with the shipping)
  • No warranty what so ever but I’ll be glad to answer any questions



Need Ideas on How to Use Them?

  • Use one as an “e-mail only” laptop
  • Social media stream screen
  • Web only business building
  • Run linux for a lightweight do it all machine
  • Tether to a printer for wireless printing
  • Use as an inspirational slideshow machine
  • See Lifehacker for more ideas!

What would you do with a new old powerbook?