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Updated August 5th, 2015


I’m glad we’re connected. I don’t know many people that stop to pause and think about connection with how easy it is to do digitally.

Today I’m also really happy to send you 9 places to get great tech help.

Often times I see online business builders trying to do everything themselves, especially when it comes to the technology that runs their business, and for many this is a HUGE waste of energy better spent on their craft.

Websites, graphics, and hardware are the biggest culprits.

Stuff like updating your iPhone, installing [or fixing] WordPress plugins, designing email list opt-ins and getting good graphics can take up so much time and take you down a rabbit hole of internet distraction that before you know it, it’s time to quit for the day and hit the wine/scotch! [don’t mix those]

So you can spend your energy where it’s best spent, here are 9 great places to get great tech help, and a little tip on getting the most out of them.

SketchDeck – Design tasks, delivered in 24 hours, medium to large tasks. They have a great streamlined onboarding form to make huge headway on design tasks easily.

99 Designs, formerly Swiftly – Small design jobs for $19, delivered in less than an hour. Perfect for website accents, header files you already have a solid idea for, and other straightforward design needs.

Meeet – Built to bring programmers together with project builders, this is a great place if you have an idea for a web app, or need custom code level work when you can speak to what’s required at a high level.

IT Arsenal – I know, lame, but seriously ITA is all about incredible tech support for online businesses. The kind that leaves you delighted with reliable responsiveness. Website tweaks, hosting changes, e-mail marketing setup, or sales system integration, plus all the secret sauce and weird issues explained in the middle. Services for common needs, and the option to build a request for your specific scenario.

Apple – The genius bar, Apple’s appointment only technician bar will diagnose any of Apple’s hardware or software for free, most people don’t take advantage of that. Hardware repairs might cost, but diagnosis is free and so is software help. I used to work for Apple Inc, and I was always surprised that most people didn’t know that no matter how old your product, whether you have your receipt or not, that there is a veritable army of Apple lovers waiting to answer your questions for free here.

JustAnswer – I’ve used this website in the past when I simply wanted a live person to figure out my problems immediately. It’s useful for one-off specific questions that you just need answered immediately and are ready to pay for. Honorable mention: Fountain [little less qualified, but cheaper, sometimes free, and mobile friendly]

StackExchange – There are lots of communities online for answering questions, most in technology, candidly skew to being somewhat snarky and elitist, so if you don’t already speak the lingo, it’s hard to break in, I think StackExchange is different, and a great place where good answers rise to the top of the page quickly. Use the dropdown in the top left.

Quora – Useful for both establishing yourself as an expert, and getting expert responses. Quora excels at having answers by people who use everyday normal language, so it’s rare you’ll be confused by extraneous technobable.

PopExpert – PopExpert is relatively new but already has a huge network of people ready to help you in live video to troubleshoot your issues. They have a great rating system, and solid platform for real interactions and support. Honorable mention: Fountain [little less qualified, but cheaper, sometimes free, and mobile

—> I’m happy to chat anytime about where your online business is headed and what troubles you’re facing, reply anytime! Check out the IT Arsenal blog, or say hi on Twitter.

I hope this e-mail was useful and I want to know if it wasn’t.


Always glad to help!