Have you used Google Hangouts yet? You’ve probably heard of them. It’s useful for meetings, general video chatting or masterminds. It’s a great tool, underutilized by many. You can do a lot more than video chat with it too, like share files, upload presentations, and stream over YouTube like a video broadcast to the world. It’s very useful.

Google recently created an entire marketplace based around helping people via video chat with Google Hangouts, called Google Helpouts. It’s almost a year old, but still invitation only, and mostly unknown.

IT Arsenal is all about helping people with technology, so using Helpouts only seemed natural, and pretty exciting too.

Business Tip: If you offer services online, you may want to consider Google Helpouts as possible avenue of distribution, it’s pretty slick. See example listing below, and sign up for an invitation code here.


Mac Buying Advice

One thing I get asked all the time is about what Mac to buy, when to buy it, when the next new thing is coming out, etc. It’s something I actually enjoy talking about and is pretty valuable to people who don’t live and breath the technology world, but it takes time, and some analytical powers.

Using Google Helpouts specifically for answering this question for people who I don’t already have a relationship with, or for someone wants some serious advice is now easy to setup, charge for, or even schedule for free. Well done Google.

If you’re interested in some Mac troubleshooting or buying advice, and the Google Hangout/Helpout platform, give it a try below!

What Kind of Advice, Training, Tutorials, Etc. Can you Offer?

Perhaps you can use Google Helpouts to build your coaching business, or yoga brand? There’s no reason you can’t create Helpouts and then use them to build your website, your following, and boost your business. Share your thoughts in the comments, IT Arsenal would love to help you get familiar with Google Hangouts and Google Helpouts.