Is there any way to hide website WHO IS address info?

– Starla

You may not know it, but you can find out who owns most any web site domain by simply adding their domain address to end of this link –


WHOIS is a technical term that has it’s roots in database creation, but is now commonly used as a protocol for getting website owner information. When you use various WHOIS tools like the website above, up to date contact information is supposed to be supplied, and include a full name, address and e-mail address for contacting a website owner.

There is little to enforce accurate information, so you can’t always count on it, but most times this is taken from the website registrar during sign up and can be used to provide at least partially accurate information.

Some website owners choose to hide this information, which is possible, but you’ll have to pay for “privacy” at your domain registrar, if offered, at an additional cost.

It’s never required, but it is typically a suggested up-sell while buying a domain name in order to make the domain registrar a bit more money.

Why Buy Privacy?

Most website owners want MORE people to know they own their website, but in certain circumstances, individuals want to hide their contact information from the general public or make it harder to contact them. In these instances they buy domain privacy which works through a third party service acting as a middle man to contact a website owner. When a privacy service has been used, you’ll see a generic title and contact information in place of the real information when a WHOIS search is run.