If you’re one of the 50% of people NOT backing up their computer, the time is now. I’ve been working the last 4 months specifically for you.

Today I’m introducing The Backup Informer so you don’t have to worry about losing pictures, songs, movies, business or anything else on your computer. Someday isn’t on the calendar, it won’t hurt, and you can do it, set up a backup plan today.

The Backup Informer is a guide built to catalyze action and have you backing up in under an hour. It includes how to make the right decision, what solutions are out there and how to set it up for a complete automatic secure backup. It’s written in plain english with big pictures, video and support!

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See What Others are Saying

“This is stuff that I know only a little about and am even less interested in finding out about… but it’s so crucial! I have a bunch of creative projects on the go all the time and I’d be devastated if I lost my data, so really, I can’t afford to have my head in the sand. Rob, thanks for laying it out clear and simple and making it easy for me to just paint in the numbers to set up a good back-up system quick-quick, so that I can get back to doing what I really love doing – and rest assured that my creations henceforth will be safe.”

Cath Duncan, Mine Your Resources

“Are there free guides out there? Yes. Do they suck? mostly. Is it fun clicking on 10 links off google only to find a question in a forum with no answer? No. Do most quickly blog posts on back-up strategy leave out half the story? Yes. Would someone truly concerned about their data integrity really trust what they read on forum from 10 months ago from some nameless punk? No. Would that someone feel better purchasing info from someone who a) has true expertise b) has a solid track record participating in a community c) is actively involved in helping people for free d) has been recommended by someone they trust? YES!”

Carl Schoof

P.S. (1 Minute)

Find Out More & Get The Backup Informer Now