Published on: May 8, 2020 at 12:36

I’ve been using various digital tools for over a decade.

Every once and a while one comes around that is so versatile, useful, and easy to use you’re rather dumbfounded.

This is CloudHQ and their conversion and migration tools for me, right now.

Their deep level of integration and extensions with Gmail and the ability to for instance, PDF every email in a label and then provide you a download link, is something that you could only get with days of cobbling custom code on Github, and then still with much frustration. I’m looking at you pixelcog.

I’ve used their tools to migrate data from Google Drive to Box in the corporate world, and to manipulate and save off Gmail data from my Google accounts down to real world formats like PDF.

In 2020, I used their tool to migrate terabytes of data across 60 Google Drive accounts to Box accounts and it work beautifully!

Both are seamless, the tool is done well, it’s well documented, and there’s even a low need free version for almost all it’s integrations.

Check them out, I’m impressed.

-> CloudHQ