Here’s the truth, the word “tech support” doesn’t really cover how I want to serve you (online entrepreneurs) and your business. Support is great and all, but doesn’t get at what you guys are wrestling with day in and day out. The website stuff, the ideas on how to launch a site, setting up a membership program, selling a product or sending a newsletter and so on. How can I help you more and speak to those needs? Well asking is a start, and that’s exactly what the survey below and the next month of targeting is all about.


I Need Your Help in 60 Second Format

Now’s the time to voice what you’re struggling with and see direct results in the form of services, advice and answers. Please take 60 seconds for the 4 question survey below to help shape what problems IT Arsenal will solve in the world of online business technology. Need help figuring how to set up multi-level membership sites within WordPress?, how to get useful statistics out of Twitter?, or how the heck to simply start a website and what to do next? Let me know, and get help more concerned with you than anything else.

IT Arsenal will re-launch with your specific needs in mind, January 2011.


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