Wait for update? what in the world? I update my WordPress website manually to the latest versions, the day of updates if i’d like. You might confusing the godaddy hosting backend panel which also supports updating your WordPress install. I wouldn’t ever use that when it’s easy enough to update WordPress from inside it’s own backend. So that is a non issue.

I’ve been using GoDaddy for over 5 years. I’ve had some slowness issues in the past, they upgraded their servers lately to 4G (4th generation) grid hosting and I’ve been nothing but happy. Their support has been good, albeit they have rules not to help with a certain level of technical question, likely not to be an issue unless your running technical scripts on your account.

I’ve probably used them because I’ve always used them, I’d have no problem jumping ship to Hostgator one of these days…the effort that hasn’t been warranted yet. I have roughly 20 domains with Godaddy.

I know they get a lot of guff in the media, but they also get a lot of praise. They are one of the largest registrars with 39 million domains as of right now.  If you are just starting, worry less about the hosting, these things can be changed later, get up and executing.