The Question:

“HI Rob,  Just want to let you know that I just replied to 2 emails from my archived folder on Apple Mail and before I even hit send I received @6 copies of each in my message folder on my blackberry. Why does Google Apps seem to save all these half written messages!  I then found these messages in the “trash” box of the gmail box.”


What I think is happening with the copies, is that Google is making saves of your drafts, (that’s why they would show up in the trash on gmail), but these drafts, probably half  or partial written messages, are showing up in other places as they sync across devices or platforms or even just from the web version, to the desktop application version of your e-mail.

Here’s How to Fix It

In Apple Mail, go to Preferences, then Accounts, click your account on the left. Then click Mailbox behaviors, and UNCHECK, store drafts on server. See picture below. That should set you straight. All it will do, is not sync your drafts to all your devices, so you can’t start writing a message in one place, and expect pick it up in another but it will stop creating multiple copies in your trash or drafts folder.