Relevant For: Newer online entrepreneurs starting a website, who don’t really get how it works.

Watch Time: 8:16


  • Typical entities involved in basic websites (and blogs)
  • sell amazon fba business
  • What each entity does
  • Possible combinations
  • Average costs

I often speak with new entrepreneurs or those who have started their business website with little or no knowledge about how a website actually works. It’s not that common with tech savvy online entrepreneurs but still there are times when those with ecommerce sites you can learn more about in this post about how much eCom Babes cost, blogs, and websites don’t understand what web designers or web hosting managers really do and how it all works. Do you know exactly why you’re somehow paying $46 a month?

It’s OK, and this video is for you.

The domain registrar, hosting provider, web manager, and designer seem to be “hocus pocus” in what their purpose is, how they are connected and how money flows around them. I clear that up in the video below. The value add here is not only education, but hopefully protection from getting taken advantage of by massive overhead charging web managers, companies, and the life.


  • Registrars:
  • File Hosts: Host GatorMedia Temple, GoDaddy (great support, but intermittent issues)
  • Designers: Zachary KutzAndi NorrisJonathan Wondrusch
  • Managers: Me (Rob Granholm), Cody Mckibben
    • Use a manager only if you’re not comfortable with the management of files on a file hosts website. There’s a myriad of options, features, and set-ups, knowing the backend of a file hosting website can take time, and get really confusing. A managers job is to just make everything work, and take requests for changes to configurations or files. There’s a growing set of “software” that live on file hosts now, like WordPress (and other blogs), and Google Apps for example. Web managers can help you set up, configure, and maintain these.