Hi Rob,
Sorry I was a bit vague on Twitter, not too good with the 140 character thing. I am emailing thousands of members of a facebook group. I have had a great ratio of follow back ratio (1 in every 2 emailed) and when I go back the next day to the site, I need to scroll down for aaaaaaages to find the last person I emailed. It’s very time consuming!

I was wondering if you know of any software that would bring me back to the EXACT point of the page or let me just e-mail these users?

Cheers man


The quick answer is, no, Facebook doesn’t have a native way to export people’s e-mail addresses unless they purposely check off a box that says, yes let my friends export my e-mail (which is off by default). Even if they do that, this is for Facebook friends only, not specific groups, lists, or pages.

People in the past have found ways around this, writing things like Firefox addons, or Facebook Applications that let you export this type of data. As of right now, Feb 2012, there aren’t any popularized working export scripts that work with groups, pages, or lists. You don’t really want to use them anyway as they can get you banned from Facebook.

Obviously the e-mail addresses of users sitting in a group you run, or a business page you own are addresses you’d like to have. Facebook simply doesn’t want you to leave their service and give you access to this.

So is there any hope?

Sort of. Solutions have been found in the past for importing all your Facebook friends (and only your friends) e-mail addresses to a service for downloading, such as using Gist.com, or the Yahoo import trick, but both of those now fail to work.

The latest work around I’ve found is through a Mac OS application called CoBook which pulls in your available data from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and the Mac OS Address Book. It then displays all this information uniformly. It pulls in e-mail addresses from allowable locations, and matches them up to your Facebook contacts. It sadly does not actually pull e-mail addresses from Facebook.

As far as I can tell, this application is nothing short of superb, especially if many of your Facebook friends are connected to you in other social networks, if so, there’s then an option to “e-mail all” which essentially gets you the list of e-mail addresses you’re looking for.


I offer this up as a suggestion, but certainly not a solution, Facebook just doesn’t let you grab this easily, you can send out group e-mails from within Facebook, or update your status on a page to reach out to those you’re connected to, but right now, the bucks stops there. Facebook holds the keys.