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Do you ever want to download video [or audio] that doesn’t seem downloadable?

Ever catch yourself watching Derek Halpern from Social Triggers and think, “Hey I wish I could download this?” …or Marie Forleo? or Martha Beck? or another guru, webinar replay or YouTube video with useful video information on the web? bahis siteleri

I felt like this earlier when I was watching some really cool AppSumo video instruction on how to use your iPhone for professional looking videos.

Does this sound familiar? You sign up for a service, put in your e-mail, go to a seemingly unpublished page, with information you want, but of course there’s no easy way to pull it all down for later, you have to keep it open! or worse, keep signing up for stuff. Bah!

I use a few simple tools to pull down video to keep a library, take screenshots of the valuable freeze frames, watch them on my schedule, and also re-purpose parts for business use.

I bet you feel the same sometimes, and I’m going to show you how to do it, and offer a few reasons where you might find it useful for boosting your business.

Useful Reasons to Download Video for your Business

  • Review for taking action
  • Growing your audience by sharing freeze frames – a great way to gain followers is to tap someone else’s followers. Sharing content you know others already like with your commentary, addition, or praise is a great way to gain followers. Here’s a few from a Social Triggers webinar I recently was on.
  • Using for business inspiration – showing to your team for examples of what you want, “make it like this” and studying technique of delivery.
  • Combining together for re-release – montage videos, best of, round ups – people pay for convenience and impact, what if you put together the 20 most powerful coaching videos from choice speakers? Do you think people might want to see that? [don’t forget to give credit]
  • Save for later/offline – watch on your schedule or on the plane [who has time to watch an hour of video in a browser?]

How to Download

There are a lot of ways to do this, but the one with the least friction is using Firefox and Flashgot.

Firefox has made it incredibly easy to install an Addon with one click, so there won’t be a challenge getting this setup, and I’ll walk through the whole process in a video below. bonusaffiliate.com

The trick is working Flashgot, which after installation, may not look like anything has changed, so I’ll show you what to click on and how to work Flashgot to download both audio and video from a web page.

Text Instructions

  1. Install Firefox
  2. Install Flashgot
  3. Start your video [then stop it]
  4. Right click on the page
  5. Select Flashgot Media from the dropdown menu

*If you have trouble playing any of the videos you download on your computer, check out VLC, it’s a video player application that plays anything you throw at it.

I seriously hope this was useful and want to know if it wasn’t!

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