Changing a websites theme is scary for a lot of new users and business website owners.

In the early stages of setting up a site, when you’re still thinking about your theme, it’s a common to ask, can I change my theme at anytime? Does my site break, or do I have to re-create any posts or pages I made? Is this a big deal?

In the short video below you’ll see that changing themes is easy, fast, and quickly reversed if you don’t like the look.

How to Install and Change a WordPress Theme in 1 Minute

While it’s possible that changing themes can cause formatting issues, or widgets to get “weird”, it’s a good idea to test your site in several themes while building out a site, to build your website changing muscles, and to ensure you’re using a theme that can be minimally tweaked but provide a perfect fit for your business needs. en iyi canlı casino siteleri

If you’re feeling unsteady about changing themes, or would like some theme advice, send a tweet to Robert for some advice.