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sales page plugin

It’s time you had awesome sales and offer pages.

Identifying your target audience, and then creating an appealing offer for that audience are arguably the two most important pieces of any business.

These WordPress plugins [and websites] will help you make beautiful, high converting, easily customizable sales pages, which isn’t always easy when you’re working with an existing website.

Download them, put them to use, and then hit reply. I want to see the pages! I’d be happy to share them, and help you make them better. Enjoy. casinorulet.com

Better Images

Icons are baked into our lives, and because of this they are fiercely powerful imagery tools for sales pages and your website in general. We’re taught at an early age, and then reinforced all throughout life to identify guidance and action with icons.

Implementing icons are an easy to explain what you’re offering, and nudge users to take action. Font Awesome below enables you embed over 300 icons [here’s what they look like] into your pages easily.

-> Font Awesome

-> Noun Project [this isn’t a WordPress plugin, but a web app with a great search]

Better Layout

Unless your a developer or designer, doing things like adding columns, positioning images, setting up visuals like fades and slides is pretty much a non existent thought. Sometimes these types of things are included in a WordPress theme, sometimes not. Luckily there are plugins that provide you features like this that are easy to work with. Two in particular are well reviewed and plentiful of features, if I had to pick one, I’d choose SiteOrigin Page Builder, their intro video alone will instantly show you the value.

Note: These builder type plugins typically ONLY allow customizing the page body of your theme, meaning they can’t touch your header section, footer section, and you’ll likely want to use them on a full width no sidebar page. If you want to use something like this and have absolutely no other elements of your WordPress theme, you need custom work. However, you can try using this bonus plugin which creates a completely blank [no header or footer] page template, and see how it goes.

-> SiteOrigin Page Builder

-> MiniMax – Page Layout Builder

Better Checkout

The act of making payment online is not always the easiest thing to setup. Gumroad however is one of the easiest most simple ways to embed a beautiful looking payment method. It works more or less as an overlay when a buy now button is clicked. See Gumroad’s website, then the plugin to integrate with WordPress below.

Gumroad Website

-> Gumroad WordPress Plugin

*caveat, everyone’s checkout/sales system needs are different, if you need a different solution, submit a Build Your Own Request at ITA and we find the perfect fit. We can help you simplify, and integrate a sales system that works well and is easy to manage. One that fits you a bit better than those cut and paste PayPal buttons.


These plugins don’t fit every scenario, if you need something more complex, or have questions, feel free to hit reply, or find IT Arsenal on Facebook and Twitter.

Remember, I’d love to see any changes you’ve made to your site with these plugins!

I hope this email was useful and I want to know about it if it wasn’t!


Always glad to help!–
Robert Granholm