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Hi, I hope turkey day treated you well! Back to the online business hustle!

I can’t tell you how many times I see a logo being the major reason people are “stuck” in launching their site or sales page.

This reason dies now, right here, in under 1 minute!

I understand, you think you need a designer, the perfect “look” …It’s one of those things that can mess with your mind searching all day through countless designs until you think it’s hopeless.

Here’s one super fast, anyone can do it, even you, I PROMISE method to making a font based logo in about 1 minute. Stick this in your “pocket” to come back to again and again. Instructions are below AND a link to a video of the live process, done is less than 1 minute!

If you have trouble with this, hit reply, and I’ll make the logo for you for free!

Use this technique for new websites you’re testing, blog posts, products, manifestos, and more!

  • Go to Dafont.com
  • Click a topical theme that fits your site, product, thing from the options at the top.
  • Click More options, select Free and Donationware, uncheck Free for Personal Use.
  • Type in the name of your site or product in the Custom preview field. Hit submit.
  • Scan fonts for one that looks good.
  • Take a screenshot of the name for immediate uploading to your website. Need to know how to take a screenshot? See here.
  • Download the font for use in Word/Pages and other programs to make extra tweaks if needed.
  • Done!

See the whole process here in under 1 minute.

Do you like this idea?

IT Arsenal [me and a previous client!] created a course packed with one’s just like it, over 13 lectures and an hour of content. Click the link below to check it out.

Go to –>>  Logo, Header and Image Basics for Online Business/Wordpress

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