Here’s the scenario:

Customer sees a picture of her product on her WP webpage ( I took her product page down yesterday, so you will not see it now.

They click buy now (Paypal is integrated with AWeber) and pay for the video.

AWeber sends a link with the download link, login and password.

The customer has the option to stream and watch right then and there, or save for later.

The videos are all on Blue Host. I created a password protected folder on Bluehost and put a vid in there to run the test. I completed the steps to integrate PP with AW. I created the Opt-in message and Follow-up message (containing the info) in AW. I ran a test and received no correspondence from AW. I had to stop there. Help?



I’ve done exactly what you are referring to except with Ejunkie as the middleman. I was also using Mailchimp, not Aweber but I imagine the scenario is the same. Ejunkie is a create “socket” service for connecting sales platforms.

Yes this is something I can help with, I’d like to scope out the issue a bit more to see where the aWeber connection isn’t coming through.

Is the client set on Aweber? Otherwise I can replicate what I am doing with Ejunkie and Mailchimp for a pretty set fixed cost and get this functioning. The end result is the customer pays, they get an e-mail from ejunkie with their password details for the protected content that lives on the host likely a WordPress protected content of some sort, they receive a receipt from Paypal, the user is added to a mailing list in mailchimp…and everyone should be happy.