Does your desktop look something like this?


Okay that’s really bad, but if you’re an organization perfectionist, you can probably toss this e-mail, next months will be about the three most easily implemented ways to speed up your website.

Okay, back to you, desktop chaos : )

I’m sure it comes as no surprise, but running an online business comes with a plethora of files to reference, manage, and maintain. More than you’d expect.

Stop Wasting Time

Unchecked, these are easily left all over your digital world [desktop, Google Drive, in your email, Dropbox, etc.]….and not being organized is accompanied with wasted time, poor computer performance, frustration and double work. In other words, your business, not running smoothly. To focus on what matter the most, consider outsourcing your payroll management.

Organizing your computer files is one of those boring things that when not done, will limit your company growth, income, and hold you back. It’s a silent productivity killer. It shows up like a pain, but critical to success, stop ignoring it. ofis taşımacılığı

Get Some Structure

Here’s a small easy, mostly done blueprint for you to get organized.

Create all the applicable folders listed below [download empty folders with this structure here] inside one root folder on your computer, [and mirror the concept in Google Drive, your e-mail, anywhere these categories make sense] and put as many files related to your business as you can inside them. Schedule time to do this now. Aşk Duası

Use a folder that syncs to an online service like Dropbox for instant backup. Bonus, use an inclusive search service like Atlas Recall then to search through everything.

Now things are starting to make sense, you’ll have to use less brain power to find what you need, and can spend more of it doing what needs to be done in your business.

Group and Categorize

Create other specific folders that apply to your business but try to stay with the idea of categories.

It’s all about grouping, it doesn’t have to be perfect, you can always search through and reorganize later, it’s about having something in place to work from, instead of when that next save dialog box shows up, you just choose anywhere because there’s nothing in place anyway. arnavutkoy kurye


  • development
  • financial
  • internal documents
  • task delegation
  • team
  • products
  • services
  • images and media
  • collaboration
  • brainstorms
  • legal
  • acclaims and mentions
  • marketing
  • newsletter
  • affiliate content
  • sub-businesses
  • testimonials and feedback 

That’s it, back to basics for this, it will pay dividends in your business’s future! Here’s what my files look like.

If you want other ideas for business productivity, I’d be happy to chat! Send a message on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

I hope this was useful and want to know about it if it wasn’t!


Always glad to help!–
Robert Granholm

==== Originally published on the IT Arsenal Newsletter ====