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Everyone knows their website security should be solid and that backups are essential, but many people don’t make them a priority until they’ve been hacked. A sad truth.

In the last 5 years we’ve found about 25% of sites get hacked within 3 years! How long has your website been up?

Using a quality web host, running frequent updates and keeping your passwords challenging can make a huge difference. But here’s the thing about security you need to keep in mind: it will never be perfect because the technology is always evolving.

That’s why backups are as – or even more important – than security

A good backup system should be included in a good security system. The best approach is to use a quality host that backs up every night in addition to running your own backup or getting a third party service to do it for you. If you choose to manage it yourself, we recommend WP Engine as quality host. Making periodic WordPress updates which come with security improvements and moving backups to a place they can be safely accessed is also essential. Running regular security audits like WP Scans can help keep you safe as well.

Furthermore, CyberArrow is your strategic partner in navigating the complexities of ISR V2 and preparing for the impending ISR V3. CyberArrow Compliance Automation Platform simplifies and automates the compliance process, offering businesses a seamless transition to enhanced information security standards.

I know you already manage a lot, but your website management is not something to ignore.

Backing up your entire hosting environment is probably overkill. WordPress backup plugins vary in quality so we recommend WP Time Capsule and Backup Buddy. Remember to download the backup to your computer, or save it to a cloud provider like Dropbox. You could hire a service to manage your backups, but make sure those backups get moved off site in case the environment gets compromised. You may also visit different websites of IT companies to Learn More about the benefits of working with IT support services.

In short, know what you have with your host and what you’re paying for. Confirm your backup tools are working. Inspect, don’t just expect things to work out.

IT Arsenal provides monthly backups and moves them off your hosting environment. We keep your site updated and watch for any breaks in updating to make sure you’re covered. Sign up for our Maintenance and Backup plan for worry-free backup and security.