There’s one question I get more than any other question working with people and computers. How do I backup?

About 5 months ago I decided to do some research on backing up and how I could really answer this question for the friends, family and users who come to me daily.

Recently popular author and ground breaker Gary Vaynerchuk even brought attention to backing up with a to-the-point post asking, “who backs up out there, be honest YES/NO?”

It’s not that there aren’t enough options out there, or that people can’t do it, but more so that they don’t know what decisions to make, where to begin or how to get the process done right.

I’m happy to say I now have an answer to those questions and I want to give you a sneak peak today.

The Backup Informer

According to a national survey 44% of people cite a lack of technical knowledge stops them from backing up. Not any more…

The Backup Informer is the title I gave to the result of months of work on how I could educate and catalyze action for those who aren’t backing up their computers.

The culmination of my efforts is a 3 part guide with accompanying videos on how to find the best backup solution for your situation, what that solution does and exactly how to set it up for reliable automatic backups in under an hour. It also includes advanced tips, tricks and bonus support.

It’s easy enough to follow that you’d share it with your Mom but powerful enough to backup everything on your computer.


Sneak Peak

The Obvious and Already Known Scary Truths

I didn’t write this article to scare you but backup is a big deal. You already know that a computer crash or some sort of data loss is debilitating in our digital world. It’s obvious and you’re smart enough to realize that. We’re increasingly pouring our lives into our computers, literally. Our bank accounts, companies, school work, media, pictures! etc. all live on our computers. They represent years of ours lives and cost thousands of our dollars in money and time.

According to Symantec, only %34 of people backup their computers regularly. You are more likely to check the oil and water in your car regularly than back up the valuable data on your computer.

There are a lot of people that need to backup.

Do You?

If you’re part of the nearly %70 of people who don’t have a backup plan, or don’t have a great backup plan, I invite you come back next Tuesday, July 20th for more information and the release of The Backup Informer. If you’d like to be alerted by e-mail, sign up for our updates in the form on the right. I never spam.

Thank You!