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I’ll be super quick, today’s e-mail is more like a delivery.

First, trigger words for conversions and getting people to act. I read a superb article on words that convert this week, and it’s content is too good not to share. Startlingly useful for business.

-> https://blog.bufferapp.com/words-and-phrases-that-convert-ultimate-list

Second, I’m releasing my list of resource websites, the ones that power my business and help me appear to be a team of 10, when it’s just me.

-> https://itarsenal.com/resource-websites/

[note: it’s a bit rough around the edges, as I use this mostly for internal reference!, I have about 80 sites to add in the next week!]

I sincerely hope this e-mail was useful, and want to know about it if it wasn’t, just hit reply! Happy 4th of July if you’re in the USA


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