how to use google hangout for business

1. US Voice calls
Google Hangouts is a must-have for small businesses and entrepreneurs. You can make regular calls to US phone numbers and video chats to other Google users free of charge and with a click of a button. Plus, google hangouts is connected to all aspects of your google account so you can send calls or texts from anywhere including your computer, phone, or mobile device. If you too are looking for ways to optimize your phone, see here the sim plans available at Circles.Life mobile.

2. Virtual Meetings and Conference Calls
Google Hangouts are great for holding meetings with co-workers or clients. A Google Hangout can be attended by up to 10 people and can be accessed through any computer, phone or tablet. Plus, you can tell if people are paying attention because it lets you know when your message was read or when the person is typing.

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3. Screen recordings
You can share your desktop, or any window running on your computer with your audience easily, combine this with the recording feature of Google Hangouts on Air, and you have instance screen recordings, which for online businesses, is valuable for a multitude of reasons.

4. Run a Live Demonstration, Walkthrough, Summit or Web Show
Have insight you’d like to share with the world? Google Hangouts allows you to go live with your message to a global audience with just a few clicks. Hold a demonstration, host a live summit, or lead a course and anyone can tune in. Once the live show is over, the recording will automatically sync and become available on your Google+ and Youtube pages, so it can be viewed and distributed whenever you want.

5. Collaborate on Documents and Projects
Google Hangouts has some amazing features for businesses, such as the “share screen” option. This allows people in the hangout to demonstrate whatever screen they are looking at in real time. Then, you can give live demonstrations, collaborate on projects, or walk people through a new process or technique.

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