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Social media marketing, what’s a business owner to do about it?

It’s a big ugly monster so many people run away from, but today, heralding the importance of 21st century marketing I want to make sure you know about 4 tips [not 5, that’s way too many] I use to get involved in social marketing that can be done in 5 minutes or less, that require almost zero technical skill, AND will make a difference.

For those who prefer to hire a company that have the job done for them, Megethos has created a list with the 10 best adwords companies and reviews about each of them.

These can be done without any current sales campaign or specific landing pages but if you want an effective marketing campaign, then I would suggest you hire a marketing agency. The experts from geekshelp may also help you launch an effective digital marketing campaign or boost your SEO strategies. You may also consider using a Channel partner marketing strategy. Learn more about channel partner marketing here. I recommend you to learned about tiktok marketing, you can do that at Social Boosting. In addition to digital marketing, you may also make use of traditional marketing methods like giving out Promotional products.

Personally I hate those “Marketing Tips” that include 5 hours of work, that involve creating separate landing pages, e-mail lists, funnels, all based around a new product. I get that specificity breeds results, but sorry, those endeavors take a lot of time and planning, how about “tips for when I feel like I’m doing zero marketing lately and would really like to join the conversation surrounding my area of business and add to my audience in one way shape or form but with as little time commitment and learning as possible right now.”

These tips are more like that : )

1. Facebook – hyper targeted business promotion

If you have a Facebook business page and could use a few more likes, the targeting Facebook gives you in its ad campaigns means you can pay a small amount [like $15] and get high quality likes. It’s literally as easy as listing as many specifics interests as you can, setting a daily budget, and then watching the Likes come in. The unique part is how targeted Facebook lets you get, it’s what converts to high quality audience for low cost.

Buying Spotify listeners from themarketingheaven.com can be a great way to get your music heard by more people. It can also help you get more monthly listeners and build a larger fan base.

2. Tweetdeck – trend and topic hacking

According to some social media influencers you should think of a topic surrounding your business [if you can’t do this, you’re in trouble] then go to this website, called Tweetdeck, and do a search. The ability to customize the “engagement level” is unique and means you already know people are listening and you can chime in to pre-interested people. That’s usually very difficult to find.

3. Buffer – front loading your touches

Nobody has time for that! … social media stuff! So use Buffer, it’s a website that lets you front load, as in put in many updates to various networks and them schedule intervals when they go out, so you can have a “presence” all throughout the week, but only monitor stuff for interactions or responses and not feel like you have to generate all the time. Huge time saver.

4. Boards, Groups, Forums, Reddits

This tip is an oldie but a goody. It’s simple, be part of a group somewhere and go jump in and respond to anyone, anywhere at least once a week. Make sure you have your name, and website in your signature or somehow your response is linked to a profile or website, that’s the important part. Here are some examples: Pinterest Boards, Facebook Groups, Forums, Reddit, LinkedIn Groups, on and on, it doesn’t matter what it is, go be part of the conversation for 5 minutes.

I hope this e-mail was useful, and want to know about it if it wasn’t.


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