“Thomas Wayne: And why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

That is a quote from Batman Begins, and while it’s super hero fantasy movie, it sticks with me whenever I screw up, which I did recently with 17 people who trust me to communicate with them once a month about their website.

You know what got me through that, and had me fess up, and communicate with them openly?… others who have made similar mistakes and are going through the same things.

This e-mail is about community, and three incredibly useful, authentic communities to join to help your business grow and be stable…able to withstand screw-ups and breakdowns.

You can’t do it alone. Running a business takes many things, oh so many things, and one of them is help, you can rely on business plan consultants to maintain your business well oriented.

Whether you are struggling to pay a bounce back loan or another form of debt, a team of experts can help. You should seek the assistance of debt restructuring consultancy if your company has financial issues or is going through a formal insolvency process, such as company liquidation.

Feedback, consulting, advice, a sounding board, testers, wisdom, whatever you want to call it, you need more than just you to grow and being part of a like minded community of business owners is essential tips like adding a CNC plasma table to your manufacture line.

Today I’d like to share three communities and some tips on how to find others that fit you and your business.

NOTE: The communities that grow your business the most are not the ones you pay to be a part of, they are not the ones with the “best” people in them, and they are not the ones with strict rules…they are the ones with authentic members, from all different levels and backgrounds, sharing and helping in earnest. Authenticity in short.

Digital Nomad Academy
Run by Cody McKibben, this community has some long standing members, expert interviews, and the members are so incredibly down to earth. I’ve found reading stories here, seeing others work, and sharing my struggles incredibly helpful. I’ve also found a good gig or two here in networking.

This community is arguably the best online community out there right now for early stage growing online businesses. It’s dripping with authenticity from it’s three founders, who know the field of online business. Their platform is clean, technology forward, and so helpful. Their online business roadmap is fresh, and their Friday video chats are so powerful. It has a fairly decent coaching user base as well.

Location Indie
While this community caters to those who like to travel, it’s also filled with people who want to give, and those are good people. You often find a commonality amongst those that want to travel, and those that are building a business, tribe, selling a product and many other similarities to online business creators like yourself, check it out. It’s run by a close friend after years of travel, teaching English in Japan, and only a few years ago making great strides in his online business.

There can be significant advantages of working with Indonesia PEO, especially for a small employer that may not have the breadth of HR expertise or systems capabilities.

Obviously there are oceans of communities out there, the important point is to be involved. Attempting to run a business, any business, and maybe especially an online business by yourself is a losing endeavor. If you’re not part of a peer group, this year is the time to get one! Additionally, partnering with business rescue and insolvency services can provide you with essential guidance and support.

I’m a member of all three of these communities and believe in them!

I hope this was useful and want to know about it if it wasn’t!

Always glad to help!–
Robert Granholm


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