…and these aren’t the boring ones like Office, or Crashplan, or Google Apps or Evernote or Dropbox either.

This month’s e-mail [this has been adapted from the IT Arsenal newsletter] will get straight the point, below are 27 not your everyday Mac apps [sorry Windows users] for use in your online business.

They have varied use, productivity, finance, utility, marketing, and content production. I added context on how I use or have used each for business so you’ll get a taste of their functionality. If you are also looking for apps not only boost productivity but also your machines health, you may also want to read this new post about how can cold temperatures damage electronics.

Enjoy! I hope you find some gems and useful content!

*Some are free, some cost

  • Noizio  & Musicality – Use for background noise while working, Noizio is interestingly effective
Tab for Trello – Trello is a hyper productive organization and task manager tool for entrepreneurs, now in your mac menu bar, don’t use Trello but like the idea of a website popping out of your menu bar? See Fluid below, it has this option.
Fluid – Use to create stand alone Mac applications of websites you use often, great for segregating your mind. I put certain Google docs together with this, and Google Analytics and Twitter so they aren’t “just another time sucking tab in my web browser”
Noun Project or Icons8 – Two resources for practically unlimited icons and images that you can use everywhere for your business, sidebars, posts, products, apps
BusyCal & BusyContacts – Replacements for Apple’s Calendar and Contacts applications, but much better, like a “pro” version
AudioHijack – Need to save audio that seems un-savable, like streaming, or Google Hangout talks, or Skype, this will do it
BetterSnapTool – Drag a window on your screen to snap it to a size, good for comparing documents, A&B tests or folder navigation
Downie – Need to rip videos from YouTube, or private forums, or classrooms, this does a good job
iBank Mac app for downloading, sorting, categorizing transactions from all your banks, credit cards, PayPal, etc. Sort of like an offline version of mint.com
Focusbar – Place an annoying disappearing and reappearing bar center screen to keep you on task, variable annoyance levels : ) Like an on screen coach!
Gas Mask – #technical Allows you to force your computer to use a different IP address when you type in a website URL in a browser, good for testing website hosting moves, before the move is actually live
Gifrocket – Turn videos you are making into GIFs for quick previews or intros on social media or sidebars
GrandPerspective – #technical Visual map of your hard drive, so you can tell where all your business content is
LICEcap – Use to create 10-20 screen recording GIFs for instructions or marketing direction
Monosnap – There are many screenshot snapping tools, this is the best I’ve found, multiple upload services, good edit tools
SiteCapture – Take a screenshot of a website, all of it, not just what you can see on your screen, good for PDFs, brochures, promotional materials
PlainTextMenu – Copying and pasting content from Word, or the web really sucks, this makes it much better by wiping out formatting that causes issues
Posterino – Use for creating collages, for marketing materials on your site, break a PDF into images, make collage, looks great
Set for iWork – Massive set of templates for iWork for those business cards, invitations, graphics
Sip – When you want to copy a color that is somewhere on your screen but you need it in a web code format
Timeline3D – Excellent for creating a visually based blog recap over the course of a year or any type of review content, or your blogs last year of content, can pull in calendar or website RSS!
totalFinder – Utility for tweaking how the Mac Finder displays folders and files, I use it for heightened file organization for my business, like folder highlighting and folders always being organized above files. PathFinder is good too.
CloudPull – One time cost utility for downloading all of your Google data to your computer in Mac usable formats, all e-mails, docs, contacts, etc. Useful for apocalypse, and moving away from Google.
Thats it! If you want other ideas for business productivity, I’d be happy to chat! Send a message on FacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn or hit reply. IT Arsenal exists to get your online business running smoothly, these tools can help you do that and that’s why we put this list together.

I hope this was useful and want to know about it if it wasn’t!


Always glad to help!–
Robert Granholm

==== Originally published on the IT Arsenal Newsletter ====